10 Foods With Toxins That We Eat Unaware Of Risks

10 foods with toxins that we eat unaware of risks

Foods With Toxins That We Eat
Although this list is not likely to change your opinion, it’s good to know what is the ‘hit list’.
A surprising number of foods that people consume on a daily basis around the world could you literally put an end to all suffering, or at least take you to the emergency room.

But do not worry, you can not just poison, for it was still requires some effort, and you probably do not consume it much of the time.

Common symptoms indicate dangerous poisoning
You have been warned!

10. Mushrooms

Although most fungi are harmless, note that 5% of them are poisonous.

9. Rhubarb

Green leaves of this herbaceous plants contain oxalic acid, which is by no means insignificant, because it can cause kidney stones, and if you consume too much can kill you.

8. Red Beans

Although most people love red beans, it contains high amounts of toxins lecithin. Only three uncooked grain of beans can cause serious vomiting and diarrhea.

7. Apples

Do not be surprised. We all know the fairy tale of Snow White, but did you know that the seeds of apples contain cyanide, so if you eat too much you can expect severe vomiting ?!

6. Tomatoes

Although now everyone knows that tomatoes are fruits, many are not aware that the area around the stems and leaves full of toxin tomatine, which is used to fight plant pests.

5. Potatoes

Glycoalkaloids poison extremely in high levels can be found in green potatoes. Not many reported deaths caused them, but has them.

4. Cherries

Pitted cherries contain chemical hydrogen cyanide. If you eat too much you may experience the magic of vomiting, respiratory problems and kidney failure.

3. Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are most radioactive foods in the world. They contain 1,000 times greater concentration of radium than the average food.

2. Nutmeg

We know that you probably do not eat often, but did you know that nutmeg has hallucinogenic effect ?! If you go overboard with it, you may experience psychosis, which you can specify that feeling of impending doom and struggling with anxiety.

1. Blunthead puffer(Blowfish)

This Japanese specialty, if not prepared properly, it can cause paralysis or death. Chefs usually undergo a two-year or three-year training to know to prepare this fish in an appropriate way.


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