12 Healthy Foods After Which You Are Not Hungry

12 healthy foods after which you are not hungry

Pickles, nuts, apples, are only one part of the food after which you will not want other foods and satiety will take longer than usual.

12 food benefits

The latest research shows that hot spices help to reduce appetite. Capsaicin contained therein metabolism, a recent study of Maastricht University, revealed that also helps to control appetite. If you add ¼ teaspoon chili meal, the faster you will get enough to eat less, and during the day you will enter up to 25 percent fewer calories.

These legumes are rich in protein which the body provide long-lasting feeling of fullness, but also contain fiber, antioxidants and vitamins of B group. As you well saturated, and are healthy, these foods are recommended when you are on a diet. A recent study published in the American journal Obesity, found that the subjects after a meal consisting of these foods by up to 30 percent more full, compared to other types of meals with the same caloric value.

The ideal is to eat an apple a half hour before a meal, because it will encourage a feeling of satiety, which means you’ll eat less. How are full of water and fiber, apples are the perfect fruit for snacking, and some studies have even shown that your body consumes more calories The welding apples, than you enter them eating them.

According to a study at the University of Pennsylvania, soup is an ideal start of each handle. Plate of food contains very few calories and lots of vitamins and minerals, in addition to you after the soup eat 20 percent less of the main meal. Also, soup physically occupies much of the stomach, so it is clear that after you can not eat a particularly large amount of food.


When we are even mildly dehydrated, may seem that we are hungry, because the symptoms of hunger and thirst vro similar – low energy levels, reduced cognitive function, poor mood … So when you get an attack of hunger, drink water and wait 10 minutes because chances are great that you will pass.

They contain few calories and lots of water, and this makes them an ideal food item for those who want to lose weight. In addition to fresh, good as pickles and other pickled vegetables, for simulating the production of hormones from the intestines and stomach sending an impulse to the brain you are full. Also act as probiotics.

The proteins in eggs will keep you satiated until late lunch. Studies have shown that classic breakfast (eggs and bacon) holds the longest man satiated.


Dark chocolate
If you eat something sweet, the best choice is dark chocolate, with such a high percentage of cocoa. Studies have shown that it can help lower blood pressure and contribute to the health of the cardiovascular system, and is also a good ally in the fight against unbridled appetite. According to a study published in the journal Diabetes, people who ate dark chocolate before a meal, later enter up to 17 percent fewer calories.

Proteins from whey
Whey protein that exists in many dairy products, is one of the nutrients that makes you najsitijima. According to a study published in the journal Appetite, people who consume this protein entries about 18 percent fewer calories for two hours after a meal, compared to those who consumed carbohydrates.

Nuts, especially almonds, are very useful in combating hunger, because they are rich in healthy unsaturated fats, protein and fiber. These three nutrients together, regulate metabolism and blood sugar levels, which decline is responsible for the feeling of hunger.

Although oatmeal says no to reducing appetite in general, with it you will feel full take longer. Compared to other grains, oat meal from the same caloric value, will keep you satiated hour longer. The reason for this lies in fiber and protein which is rich mash, in the stomach, an increase of its mass, which literally makes you full.

If you eat half an avocado with lunch or after lunch, you will be fed all afternoon, according to nutritionists. According to a study published in the journal Nutrition, women who ate half an avocado with lunch showed 25 percent less cravings three now after a meal, and are less tempted to reach for snacks.


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