5 Vegetables You Can Grow Indoors From Scraps

5 Vegetables You Can Grow Indoors From Scraps

In this article we will present you five amazing and healthy vegetables you can grow indoors.


First, cut off an inch or of two the base of the celery and then rip off some stalks. Instead of tossing the base place it in a cup of warm water and after couple of days you will notice how celery re-grows   significantly and the tiny little yellow leaves emerge from the center and turned into green. Change out the water every couple of days. Once the new growth is completed, the growing celery is transferred into the garden or pot of soil to maintain its development.


Did you know that you can use the carrots tops as a garnish or in salads? So, after chopping off, instead of throwing away, in order to grow carrot greens put them in a dish with a little water. Set the dish in a well-lit windowsill.

vegetables you can grow indoorsimage via food-hacks.wonderhowto.com


You have probably heard about a bulb of garlic and that they produce sprouts. Here is what you should do: Break the head of the garlic apart and don`t peel the cloves but plant them in potting soil and store them in direct sunlight. Thus, you will have a new bulb of garlic.


Scallions or green onion can be re-grown cutting off the end parts of the scallion and place them in a small glass of water in a well-lit room. For less than 5 days you will have completed re-grown full scallion from the scraps.


Ginger is the right choice for an easy plant to grow indoors. After soaking the ginger root in warm water and place it into the soil on filtered light, rather than direct sunlight. When the ginger is reached its sufficient growth, put the plant from the soil for use. Remember to cut off a piece to re-plant!

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