9 Worrying Signs Of Consuming Too Much Salt That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Signs of Consuming too much Salt

Salt is the most common used seasoning and added in food to enhance the flavor.

You should use salt in moderation because 1 tbsp. of salt gives 200 mg. of sodium and table salt contains 60% chloride and 40% sodium.

2300mg of sodium is equal to one tablespoon of salt a day which is the recommended daily amount of sodium intake. Those who consumed more than one tbsp. of salt daily are likely to develop serious health issues.  Check these signs of consuming too much salt- they can cause various health problems.Signs of Consuming too much Salt

Health-threatening signs of consuming too much salt 


Excessive sodium intake can damage the balance of fluids in the body’s cells which makes you feel thirsty. The more salt you consume, the more your body takes water from the cells into bloodstream. As the amount of salt consumption increases, so as you’re craving for water more than usual.


Bloating is caused by salt over consumption, which means you need to reduce salt intake to prevent fluids buildup and increased blood volume.


Fluid retention or also known as edema is a condition manifested by excessive watery fluids in the tissues of the body. This condition is caused by excess salt intake and the symptoms are: swelling of the feet, legs and ankles. Therefore, you should reduce the salt consumption so as to reduce the fluid retention in the body.


Some people consider that salty foods taste better than foods containing no salt. Increased amount of salt consumption is the reason why they are having salty cravings. In order to prevent salty cravings you need to reduce the salt intake.

High blood pressure

Excessive intake of salt makes the arteries’walls to become thicker and stronger which leads to high blood pressure. This condition also affects the brain, the kidney and the heart.

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