After Reading This You’ll Never Use Swabs in the Ears

Swabs in the ears

You should immediately stop using swab in the ears, since according recent studies, can cause side effects. Of course, maintaining the hygiene of the ears is important, but it needs some caution if you want to eliminate the earwax without getting hurt.

People who use swab in the ears or put the swab too deep in the ears are very likely to suffer from traumatic perforation of the tympanic membrane and may experience pain, bleeding, hearing loss, tinnitus and vertigo. This condition is diagnosed by otoscopy, requires no treatment but in case of infection antibiotics may be needed. In case of persistent perforations, disruption f the ossicular chain or inner ear injuries a surgery may be required.

The use of swabs in the ears poses high danger if they aren’t used properly but is important for you take some precautions before using swab in the ears.  Swabs in the ears

Here are some tips you should follow:

  • You must use the ear swab to clean the ear auricle and the area around ear canal
  • Never insert the swab inside the ear canal because thus you push the earwax to the bottom and this may cause plugging of the ear. This can lead to hearing problems and dizziness.
  • Never use the swab too deep in the ears since it can lead to serious eardrum damage.
  • Use swabs with thick tip to clean the ears in order to prevent ear canal damage; this is especially recommended for children

People use swab in the ears because considered that earwax need to be cleaned. But actually, the wax created inside the ear provides protection of the ear canal from bacteria, dust and pollution.

Cleaning the earwax from the ear and preventing of its formation requires proper drying of the ear after a bathing.

If you want to avoid the side effects of using swab in the ears you should try some other solutions to clean the ears. Instead of cotton swabs you can use handkerchief or you can sue few drops of hydrogen peroxide to clean the ear.

Share this useful information with your family and friends so they can avoid the side effects of using swab in the ear.

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