Broccoli and Watercress Can Kill Cancer Cells Within a Day

Kill cancer cells within a day

broccoli and watercress of reducing the risk of several types of cancer and the ability of increasing the amounts of antioxidants in the blood. Both types of cruciferous vegetables play a crucial role for overall health due to their anti-cancer properties.

Health benefits

Watercress is a leafy vegetable with a peppery taste and has abundance of nutrients, great content of minerals and vitamins such as vitamin K, which is strongly recommended and vitamin C. Additionally, it protects the body’s DNA from damaging.

Broccoli is known by its high content of vitamin D, fibers and three different types of glucosinolate phytonutrients that plays crucial role in detoxification of our body. Kill cancer cells within a day

A cancer preventive

The correlation between broccoli and cancer prevention is strong because broccoli has been proven to reduce the risk of cancer in the colon, breasts and prostate due to the presence of glucosinolates. These compounds are known to prevent the formation of tumor in brain.

According recent studies, these two vegetables contain enzymes that are released when chewed.  PEITC or phenanthryl isothiocyanate is a compound produced in watercress and broccoli that has anti-cancer properties and is very efficient in preventing the cancer cells growth.

Better than Chemo?

Although, with the chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment the large tumors can be removed or reduced, still the cancer cells remain in the body and if the cancer stem cells are still alive, there is great possibility of them to return.

In isolated laboratory tests, cancer cells were treated with PEITC, the compound found in broccoli and watercress was found to kill cancer cells within a day. This only proves the abovementioned fact that this compound inhibits or eliminates cancer cells efficiently. So you might consider to add broccoli and watercress into your diet and thus to feel all the health benefits that both food provide.

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