Burger Kings Confirms The Rumors And Admits That They Are Using Horse Meat In The Burgers

Burger kings confirms that they are using horse meat

The famous American global chain, Burger kings, confirms that they are using horse meat when making their popular burgers. According to the report of the United States Food and Drug Administration, during inspection of  Wendy’s famous Rich & Meaty Chili, were found traces of equine and rattus DNA strains.

“We only use about 30% beef, the rest is made of meat fillers, rat and horse meat. Using this type of meat is a cheaper expense for us, allowing us to competitively price our food while being profitable at the same time. What we are doing is not illegal or unhealthy. The FDA has approved the contents of the meat. We will continue with our business plan” explains Washington.

Namely, countries like China and South Africa have been using horse and rat meat as a delicacy, while in the United States is prohibited.

Them Majority of people consider the horse and rat meat consumption is like consuming dog meat which is even more frowned up.

The Silvercrest is the company that has been producing meat for BK, which also delivered meat for Asda, Co-op and Tesco. The shocking truth is that the ingredients used in their meat that they were supplying have been forbidden since last year.

As announced by Burger King on this subject:

“We discovered that Silvercrest is using small percent of beef originating from non-approved Polish suppliers, who promised to supply them with 100% British and Irish beef cutlets.

They did not fulfill their promise.

All of this is completely against our rules and regulations, so we decided to end up the partnership with this supplier.

source: healthysolutionsmagazine.net
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