Can You Really “Unripen” A Banana With A Blowdryer And Rice?

There is no man who would believed if you tell him that you can convert a rotten banana in juicy and healthy.

Therefore, we must prove it with this video, and then we will explain this process scientifically.

Try to remind yourselves how many bananas ended up in your trash bin, because they were rotten.

After seeing the video, this will never happen to you.

Do you think that reviving a rotten fruit is even possible? Some people are skeptic, but others consider thrifty at best. But let see whether science supports this theory.

Bananas belong in the group of climacteric fruit, so they can be ripen after picking. During the process of ripening, the composition of banana changes and starch converts into sugar. Ethylene gas plays a major physiological role in accelerating this process. Bananas are harvested green and begin to ripen when the banana is picked from the plant. The special receptors in the plant cells bind to the ethylene and keep the fruit from activating the ripening genes. After picking the banana, plant genes ETR1 and CTR1 turn off and this results with releasing the ethylene and turning on other genes that make various enzymes.

This includes:

  • Pectinases –breaks down the cell walls and soften the fruit;
  • Amylases– convert the starch to sugar;
  • hydrolases– degrade the chlorophyll in the fruit, that results with changing color of the fruit from green to yellow. It is believed that thus were animals invited to eat the fruit and disperse seeds by defecation.

Continuation of these process leads to cells denatures and therefore bananas become rotten and unhealthy for eating. The skin looks rotten, but the fruit inside is still tasty and ripe.

The moisture of the skin can be removed by placing the banana in the rice. Gently heating the banana on normal temperature restores the skin color .

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