Cherimoya – South American Bomb: Probably The Healthiest Fruit In The World!

The healthiest fruit originates since the time of ancient Inca and was originally reserved only for the royalty. So hence it arise the famous phrase: The lion is the king of the animals, and cherimoya is king of fruits!

Cherimoya is grown in the valley of the Andes, at an altitude of 1500 meters, from Columbia to Peru. Due to its adaption at lower temperatures, this plant has been spread to other world warmer regions like Spain, Israel, Chile, California, Brazil and Mexico. Cherimoya can grow up to 8 meters in height.


Cherimoya skin is thorny and yellow-green, and inside the fruit there is white meat that you can eat with spoon once you cut it in a half. This fruit has a great variety of tropical flavors such as coconut, pineapple, banana and papaya. You may also add lime juice to enrich the taste, but still enjoying in its unique taste is even better. What makes the cherimoya popular and an excellent dessert fruit is the rich and creamy pulp and all these fruity flavors. Be careful on the seeds inside the fruit, they are toxic.

The cherimoya can be refrigerated for 1-2 days, but if you keep it longer, it will lose its taste so therefore it is recommended to eat the fruit immediately. This fruit will not tolerate temperatures below 14 degrees.

Cherimoya is considered as very nutritious fruit because is rich in carbohydrates and vitamins such as C, B1, B2 and calcium, iron and phosphorus. It prevents bladder and kidney inflammation.

The fruits should ripe at room temperature, in the sun, when they will yield to gently pressure, such as avocado and kiwi and harvest when hard.

Remember always to buy fruits when they are uniformly green, without racks and with mostly browned skin.

Additionally, this fruit can be used as additive to different salads and meals.

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