Coconut Oil Kills 93% of Colon Cancer Cells after 2 Days of Treatment

Coconut oil kills 93% of colon cancer cells

According to the latest laboratory study, coconut oil kills 93% of colon cancer cells after 2 days of treatment. 50% of coconut oil’s fat content is actually a secret ingredient known as Lauric acid and is considered as miraculous due to its unique health properties.

What makes this lauric acid so powerful is its ability to destroy cancer cells by efficiently reducing the glutathione levels in cancer cells and thus protecting them against the excessive oxidative stress.Coconut oil kills 93% of colon cancer cells

Coconut oil kills 93% of colon cancer cells due to its powerful anti-cancer properties, but recent st
udies shown that this oil can also be very helpful in treating various diseases because:

  • efficiently kills bacteria, various viruses, parasites, fungi and harmful microorganisms
  • stimulate digestion, improve liver metabolism, skin health, reduces inflammation and speeds up the wound healing process
  • increases the good cholesterol levels in women, regulate the HDL-LDL ratio and promotes weight loss in both women and men
  • regulates cholesterol levels in patients diagnosed with heart diseases (this was clinically proved)
  • prevents and fights against Alzheimer’s diseases and improves blood pressure and blood sugar regulation

As we mentioned above, coconut oil contains 50% of lauric acid, which is a type of fat rarely found in other foods. Lauric acid is also found in cow’s fat (2%) and in human milk (6%) and we came to conclusion that people need more lauric acid than other living beings.

But this doesn’t mean that we should consider coconut oil as natural medicine for cancer treatment.

Mother Nature has provided variety of means to fight diseases, which is all the more reason to remind all scientists working in this field that more investments and additional research of natural remedies are required.

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