We Consume It Daily, But Don’t Know That It Causes Breast Cancer

Cancer Causer-We consume it daily

According to the newest research in Norway, people who drink more than three glass of milk are up to three times as likely to develop bosom cancer compared with people who drink only one glass or half glass per day.

The research has shown that the more you drink milk, the more likely you are to develop this disease. Milk consumption has shown that triggers the cancer growth that is already developed.Cancer Causer-We consume it daily

America, Canada, Great Britain, Sweden and Finland are the countries who drink milk the most.

The same research shows that there are no patients with bosom cancer in societies with the lowest level of milk consumption.

Analysis have shown that people who experiencing the symptoms of bosom cancer consume as twice as more processed vitamin D compared to other people.

It is also important to keep in mind the following facts:

Increased intake of pork meat, processed sugars and high amounts of dough and reduced intake of fish and natural vegetables promote breast cancer.

Women who wear too tight bras are at higher risk of developing breast cancer. A study has shown that ladies who wear a bra for 12 hours are at higher risk of developing breast cancer compared to the ladies who never wear or wear it once in a while.

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