Consuming Only a Pinch Of Turmeric Is The Same As Exercising For An Hour

Consuming only a pinch of turmeric

Exercising is good for your health and can strengthen your cardiovascular system, but many studies prove that consuming only a pinch of turmeric is as beneficial as exercising.

Turmeric is considered as highly effective because can prevent heart disease and reduce the chance of heart attack after a bypass surgery by 56%. Curcumin, the polyphenol found in turmeric, have the same effects in improving your vascular function as aerobic exercises.

Researchers conducted a study including 32 women in post menopause. They were divided in three groups: women who consumed curcumin, women who exercised and women who neither consumed curcimin nor exercised.  They examined the health of the inner lining of the blood vessels known as endothelium and used ultrasound to measure the arterial elasticity and endothelial function, since endothelium dysfunction increases the risk of atherosclerosis disease.Consuming only a pinch of turmeric

The first group (curcumin group) included women who consumed 150miligrams of turmeric extract a day. During the study they had not made any changes in their diet and had not exercised.

The second group (exercising group) included women who did aerobic exercises 3 times a week, and also they were included in other activities like walking and cycling.

The study lasted 8 weeks. According to the results of the study, researchers concluded that both exercising and turmeric increase the flow-mediated dilation and improve the endothelial function. Exercising and consuming only a pinch of turmeric are the most effective ways to improve your health and blood vessels function.

Further information about turmeric and exercising 

The study’s results were reason for a lot of people to add turmeric into their diet or take curcimin supplements. Although, turmeric or curcumin is extremely effective in prevention of 600 health conditions, it doesn’t mean that you should replace exercises with turmeric consumption or curcimin supplements.   In order to get the most of the health benefits, you should combine exercising with consuming turmeric or taking curcumin supplements. The results of the study showed that this combination is very beneficial in reducing the left ventricular afterload, as well as inflammation and pain.

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