Your energy drinks contain “bull urine& semen“

Did you know that your energy drinks contain “bull urine& semen“?

According to a recent study performed by Longhorn Cattle Company, it has been shown that the secret ingredient contained in energy drinks comes from bull urine and semen. The scientists tested some of the most selling energy drink brands such as Red Bull, Monster and etc. and found out that energy drinks contain“bull urine and semen“.

Taurine, which means bull, is an organic acid lacking a carboxyl group, and it has been also added to infant milk formulas. This ingredient is so called because it was first isolated from ox bile in 1827 by two Australian scientists, Leopold Gmelon and Friedrich Tiedemann. Taurine is naturally present in bulls’semen, livers and urine.

Unfortunately this shocking, yet disgusting fact is true.

Taurine is made from bulls’ testicles; it is a derivative of bulls’semen.

In this video created by an employee of the company providing energy drinks, you will be able to see how Taurine is extracted from the bulls. The secret that company kept for years was finally revealed in this video and although it was accidentally made public, still the company fired the employee due to violating company police.

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