All The Diseases Come Through Your Legs. Here’s How To Do Your Body A Big Favor And Detoxify It From All The Toxins

Detoxify it from all the toxins 

If you want to have healthy body you need to detoxify it from all the toxins. The best way to achieve that is by applying onion coating on your feet before bedtime. This amazing onion coating provides powerful antibacterial properties, essential for improving your blood circulation and most importantly, for eliminating all the toxins from your body.  Detoxify it from all the toxins

Ingredients you will need to prepare this magnificent coating:

  • Onion –as the main ingredient of this coating
  • Transparent foil 
  • Warm socks 

Way of preparation: 

  • First, cut the onion into thin slices.
  • Once the onion juice appears on the onion slices, apply the onion slices on your feet before bedtime.
  • Wrap your feet using a transparent foil and put on some thick socks. (If you want to warm your feet, put on some wool socks). The foil will secure the onion slices onto your feet and don’t worry for the unpleasant odor, because the foil also prevents the strong onion odor through all around the home.
  • Allow the coating to work during the whole night.
  • Take off your socks and remove the coating the next morning immediately after you get up.
  • Wash your feet with cold water and put on wool socks to warm your feet.
  • Note: People whose skin is sensitive to onions, should apply some oily cream or almond oil on their feet before applying the onion coating.

You have probably heard the popular saying: „Everything’comes’from the legs“. This miraculous method will help you detoxify your body from all the toxins, prevent persistent colds, flu, bacterial or viral infections and will also improve your blood circulation.

The onion coating is strongly recommended for those who suffer from diabetes and poor circulation, health problems, flu, pneumonia and fever, but it also works on healthy people.

If you decide using this helpful method, always choose organic onions since they are rich in active compounds called lachrymators.
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