It is perfectly safe to use sprouted garlic due to its content of healthy sulfur compounds such as allicin which has proven to enhance anti-inflammatory, immune-acceleration, cardiovascular health. Also, it has the ability to kill 14 types of cancer cell, bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites without toxic side effects.

Although the theory of garlic toxicity was considered as rumor or simply widespread fear, still there is some truth in it if you conventionally grown, imported garlic.

sprouted garlic

According to the Australian reports, large amounts of garlic were imported from China and some of them were grown in human excrement. Due to the emergence of molds and insects, large shipments were charged back in USA. Therefore, China and other nations have decided to start the process of fumigation of the garlic with methyl bromide (a very toxic and hazard).

Therefore, when you buy garlic from stores, make sure that is domestically, if not locally grown, as well as organically grown.

See why sprouted garlic is healthier 

Sprouted or old garlic are usually thrown in a trash, because are considered as not edible. The fact that some older plant foods, such as potatoes, release toxic chemicals when begin to germinate, it does not apply to the sprouted garlic.

According to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, sprouted garlic contains more antioxidants than the fresh one.  Researcher Dr. Jong-Sang explained that plants are very sensitive to attack by bacteria, viruses and insects, so they produce chemical compounds called phytoalexins that enables them to defend themselves.

Kim’s group discovered that the similar process occurs when garlic cloves begin to grow and that the green shoots of garlic had much antioxidant unlike the raw garlic which had less antioxidant.

We also could not possible fail to notice how the metabolic profile of garlic changed during the sprouting within five or six days.

Researchers consider the process of sprouting as a viable method for increasing the antioxidant potential of garlic.

So if you want to feel the health benefits of sprouted garlic do not hesitate, feel free to buy a couple of local, organic, garlic clove from the market and allow them to sprout in your locker. It is as simple as that.

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