Do you Know What Will Happen if You Drink Coconut Water For 7 Days

Have you ever tried coconut water? And do you know what this amazingly refreshing beverage can do for your body? The results are visible in only 7 days!

Why coconut water?

People have been using coconut water for many years as substitute of blood in times of war and it also saved many lives. Coconut is good for your body and also reduces the headaches and even help with hangovers(goodbye Tylenol).

Coconut Water

If you drink coconut water consistently for seven days (40-50ml) 2 oz) a day

You will see these results:

  • strengthens  the immune system
  • protects form bacteria and infections
  • solves several health problems during pregnancy
  • increases hormones in your thyroid
  • cleans out your urinary tract and breaks down kidney stones (for people who have kidney stones)
  • aids in the weight loss efforts, suppresses the appetite and makes you feel full due to its rich nature
  • makes you feel energized
  • reduces blood pressure

So, with all these great results why not drink coconut water regularly?


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