5 Low-Fat Foods That You Must Avoid!

5 Low-Fat foods that you must Avoid!

Food marked as ‘low fat’ does not necessarily mean that it is better and will help you lose weight. As many as 10 percent of the ‘low fat’ foods contains the same number of calories as the full-fat foods, and 40 percent more sugar.

Namely, when the manufacturers remove fat, they add sugar, salt and additives to improve the taste. In addition, one study found that diet foods foods labeled as ‘low fat’ encourages those who buy them to eat a larger amount.

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These five low fat foods must be avoided:

  • Low fat chips

On the packaging of low fat crisps says that serving contains 140 calories, while a plain potato chips contains 160 calories and less sodium. Many therefore deceive thinking that this version is healthier and eat more low fat chips.

  • Ice cream

They contain 34 grams of sugar per cup therefore recommends eating half a cup a day and not every day.

  • Nonfat yogurt

Yogurt without fat usually contain artificial colors, flavors and stabilizers, and more sugar. And your body is definitely needed a full-fat yogurt to get vitamin D from it. Low fat yogurt is good, but the best is full-fat. A study conducted in 2013 found that people who drink full-fat yogurt have less body fat and less likely to become obese or of suffering heart disease.

  • Low fat milk

The same applies as the yogurt above.

  • Salad dressings

Avoid fat-free dressings, because after that you will be hungry within an hour. Producers add sugar and artificial sweeteners to improve the taste. Salad should contain ​​fats, nuts and seeds. Instead of toppings you can chop the avocado, because, according to one study, it helps the body to absorb nutrients more easily from salads.

Diet foods can help you lose weight, but also can do to think that you lose weight in the cases like above.

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