Have You Ever Noticed The White String Inside A Raw Egg, Here’s What It Is

White string inside a raw egg, heres what it is

According experts, starting your day with proteins is always a better choice than starting a day with processed sugary cereals. Therefore, eggs are a common part of the breakfast in many families around the world. Easy to prepare, rich in nutrients and moreover, don’t cause heart disease (despite the popular belief) but still there is one oddity regarding eggs you have probably come across.  White string inside a raw egg, here’s what it is

You have probably notice the weird, white string inside a raw egg and if you’ve been wondering what it means, let me tell you that is actually a good thing.

If you have been wondering about the white string inside a raw egg, here’s what it is….

It is chalazae.

Chalazae, a form of protein found on the two sides of the yolk which holds the yolk in the center of the egg.

You don’t have to remove them because the chalazae are completely safe for consuming. Actually, the more prominent the cords are, the fresher the egg is. So if you cannot notice any chalazae after cracking an egg open, it means that the egg has been sitting in a store or in your fridge for a longer period.
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