Fake Honey Is Everywhere Here’s How To Know The Difference

A searing investigation of the honey market led by the Food Safety News found that 76% of all honey bought at grocery stores were treated with a process called “ultra-filtration”. “Ultra-filtration” removes not only the impurities such as wax, but also all traces of pollen.

Food Safety News honey samples were sent to premier melissopalynologist and professor at the Texas A&M University, Vaughn Bryant. What he found was that roughly three fourths of the honey contained no pollen, making it unidentifiable and unsafe. Of that average, he found that:

  • 100 percent of Winnie the Pooh sold in Walmart stores had all pollen removed.
  • 100 percent of honey from individual packets from KFC and McDonald’s had all pollen removed.
  • 77 percent of honey from big box stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, and Target had no traced of pollen.
  • 100 percent of honey from drugstores like Walgreen’s and CVS Pharmacy had all the pollen filtered out.

fake honey

Here below are 10 tips to recognize if the honey is fake :

1. Take a little honey and rub between the index finger and thumb until it melts. Some honey will absorb the skin. Natural honey is not sticky. If what you rub is sticky, means it has sugar or artificial sweeteners in it.

2. Put a few drops on the paper or paper towel. Pure honey will not break through the paper a long time, because it does not contain large amounts of water.

3. Put a little honey in the vicinity of ants. Ants will not touch natural honey. Bees instinctively build a hive on the trees and among the rocks. They put honey in order to protect against pests, such as ants.

4. Mix a little honey with egg yolk. If the honey is pure, the egg yolk will look like it was cooked.

5. Fill a glass with water and add 1 tablespoon of honey. Pure honey will clot and descend to the bottom, and fake honey will start to dissolve.

6. Apply honey on a slice of bread. Natural honey will harden the bread for a few minutes. Artificial honey will moisten the bread due to the high water content.

7. A real honey will give you a feeling of pricking in your mouth just before swallowing. With fake honey this feeling can not be achieved.

8. Watch whether the honey will crystallize over the time. Imitation honey will remain smooth as syrup, no matter how long it is stored, while the real honey will crystallize.

9. Top of matches dip in honey and try to light it. Natural honey will not affect to ignite a match. Fake honey contain water so the match will not be able to ignite.

10. Two to three tablespoons of honey put in the microwave. Heat over high heat. Natural honey will quickly caramelize and will become foamy. Fake honey will be difficult to caramelize and will be full of bubbles.


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