Foods to Avoid with 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

The book says that the first step in losing weight is detoxification, to remove toxic overload from the body. Toxins stored in fatcells are difficult to get rid of through dieting alone. You must first detoxify the body. Thus, the most effective weight-loss programs should focus on both fat loss and detoxification, which lead to overall improved health and wellness. Raw greens can heal the body. You will detoxify your body through elimination of certain foods for ten days and reprogram your taste buds to desire healthy, nutrient-rich foods.

Foods to Avoid with 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

Foods to avoid with 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse – Full Cleanse

  • In your smoothies for the 10-day cleanse, do not include any starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, or any other vegetable that are not leafy greens
  • Refined and processed foods
    • Refined sugar
    • Refined carbs – white bread, pastas, donuts, etc.
    • Processed foods
  • Animal foods
    • Meat
    • Dairy – milk, cheese, etc.
  • Beverages that dehydrate you
    • Liquor, beer
    • Coffee
    • Sodas/ diet sodas
  • Fried foods

How to continue losing weight after the 10-day cleanse

  • To continue weight loss at about two pounds per week, drink two green smoothies a day and eat one clean, high-protein meal. To continue weight loss at about one pound per week, drink one green smoothie and have two clean, high-protein meals per day (there are recipes in the book)
  • If you begin to plateau and weight loss stalls (2 weeks with no weight loss), check your hormones
  • Other weight loss tips
    • Eat a big salad daily, including dark green leafy vegetables and lots of colorful vegetables
    • Drink at least one green smoothie daily. You can add some protein, flaxseeds, spirulina, coconut oil , and bee pollen to it for an extra health boost
    • Choose nutrient-rich foods, not empty calories like junk food
    • Eat protein with every meal. Whenever you eat a carbohydrate, eat some protein with it – as a general guideline, the protein should be about half the amount of the carbohydrates in grams
    • Avoid sugar, salt, and trans fat
    • Limit red meat to 2-3 times a week
    • Eat at least 30 grams of fiber a day
    • Eat 4-5 times a day
    • Buy organic as much as possible
    • Drink lots of pure water
    • Drink green tea, instead of coffee
    • Don’t give in to emotional hunger