Get rid of neck pain in just 60 seconds

Get rid of neck pain in just 60 seconds

If you feel pain in your neck, it would be best to schedule a massage, but if you do not have time or money for such luxuries, we offer a quick way to effectively get rid of neck pain, which recommends physiotherapist  Alynn Kakuk from Mayo Clinic.

get rid of neck pain

First step:

Locate the painful point. If is on the right side of your neck or upper back, put your right hand on it, and if the left, use the left hand.

Second step:

Press the sore spot with fingers,with solid pressure. But be careful not to overdo this because you do not need to cross the border to what you can tolerate, and neither should feel a sharp pain. If you can not reach the point, take a tennis ball or similar object that can help in compression. In this case lean to the subject of wall to create pressure.

Third step:

Turn your head slightly to the other side, opposite of where you feel rage, and then hang diagonally, like trying to grab the arm whit your chin. Trigger clenched muscle in combination with pressure, will help you relax and get rid of pain.

Fourth step:

Repeat 20 times, then a beautiful long stretch like when you get out of bed. During the day, repeat the exercise several times to stay your muscles relaxed, and you will don’t need to do additional exercises to get rid of neck pain.


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