How To Grow An Unlimited Amount Of Tomatoes Using Just 4 Slices And Some Dirt

How to grow tomatoes

Since rotten tomatoes are no longer useful we often discard them at the bottom of the fridge, but in this article we will show you how you can use them to grow your own organic tomatoes.

Growing a tomato plant with rotten tomatoes

The best way to reward yourself with plenty of delicious tomatoes in the summer is to grow your own organic tomatoes by using pot, some dirt and some overripe slices of tomatoes.

Follow these items to learn how to grow tomatoes:

You will need 4 tomato slices, around a quarter inch thick or less, so the seeds can have direct exposure to the soil.

Use a light layer of dirt to cover the four slices. The layer of dirt should be as thin as possible, otherwise the tomato plants will not be able to sprout.

Water your dirt pile every once in a while and after about two weeks you will notice a few small seedlings begin to sprout.

In a separate pot, move around the four or five strongest seedlings. Once they begin to grow, get rid of the ones that didn’t, and leave the biggest looking seedlings.

So, this is it. This is how you can use the overripe or rotten tomatoes to grow a tomato plant. You can either keep them in the pot or transfer them to the backyard. Make sure your entire family is involved in this activity.

Watch the video to learn the steps about growing tomatoes:

Health benefits of tomatoes:

Home-grown, organic tomatoes provide are the best fruits you can have in your home since they have a very rich nutritional profile.

They have powerful antioxidant properties, essential for treating various diseases, especially the ones that affect the cardiovascular system like heart disease. The presence of vitamin C and E in the tomatoes plays crucial role in supporting the cardiovascular system.

Carotenoid lypocene

Namely, the accumulation of fat in the bloodstream and the arterial walls is the leading reason of cardiovascular and heart disease, and tomatoes contain a carotenoid lypocene, a molecule which is considered as very effective in the fight against this disease.
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