Healthy Drink That Will Remove Fat From Blood

For garlic until now have much everything written in order to highlight its health benefits it provides in terms of human health and the public to know how much garlic is actually very healthy and curative.

In this recipe the main ingredient is garlic.
Due to it not only strengthens immunity thus will acquire resistance to diseases and viruses, but garlic purifies blood freeing it from harmful substances and toxins and strengthens the entire body and also remove fat from blood.

This drink speeds up the metabolism and removes the excess fat from the body. In addition, it removes the excess salt and positively affects the overall health of the body.remove fat from blood


To make this very easy recipe, you need only 12 medium cloves of garlic and ½ liter of red wine.


Cut the 12 cloves of garlic into quarters, put them in a jar and pour half a liter of wine. Close the jar and let it stay by the window or somewhere with plenty of light for approximately two weeks. Shake the jar, several times a day.

After two weeks, filter the contents of the jar and pour the drink into a glass bottle.

How to use:

Within one month,drink a small teaspoon three times a day. Once you spend your dose, and if you think you need to make again, you must pause six months.

You can do a blood test to see does this drink made a positive results to remove fat from blood, and suggest this recipe to all around you with high blood fat problem.


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