How to Grow Spices and Herbs (Mint, Parsley, Oregano, Sage, Basil, and Bay) At Home !

How to grow species and herbs at home

Growing species and herbs at home has many advantages such as:

  • Always having fresh herbs
  • You can add it different herbs to a simple meal and make it more eye-catching and delicious as well
  • The perfect way to boost the vitamin value of your meals
  • great way to save money, because buying them individually at the grocery store every time you need them can cost you a fortune
  • The sights and the scents abounding in your herb garden can help you relieve stress
  • You will have a variety of plants that survive indoorsHow to grow species and herbs at home

The development of plants in this season requires airy and bright rooms and well-chosen healthy plants of spices.

We provide you some advice on how to grow species and herbs at home:

How to grow spices and herbs

  • Given the fact that plants prefer the soil poorer in organic matter for healthy growth and development you need to be extra careful when choosing the soil for the plant
  • You can mix an ordinary potting with sand in a ratio of 3:1
  • You can use each vessel diameter of 15 inches or more if there is a drain hole on the bottom
  • You can reseed the plant in more jars to accelerate the development of roots and to have a richer harvest as well
  • Make sure you water your plants when you notice that the surface of the soil in the pots dry
  • Most herbs would survive a temperature between 16-21 degrees Celsius
  • It is also very important that the night temperatures are lower than 12 degrees in order to better withstand outdoor conditions
  • During the warm autumn days, you can place them outside of the windowsill or balcony. Make sure you clean the leaves of dust every day
  • Excess water or fertilizer and lack of light can have negative effect on plant growth and low quality of essential oils can reduce the nutritional value
  • The process of fertilizing a plant is not needed, but you can feed them with liquid fertilizer based on seaweed or compost.

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