How To Make Homemade Natural Antioxidant

Homemade Natural Antioxidant

Well we know the benefits of herbs and their medicinal properties. Different herbs affect different situations, and in addition give you a prescription for better health.

Homemade antioxidant

The recipe is prepared at home which will improve blood counts in just 2 weeks and will drastically increase the iron in your blood and you will regain freshness. Excellent antioxidant and immune stimulant.

Homemade Natural Antioxidant

Ingredients :

200 grams of honey
250 grams of nettle seeds
250 grams tahini
1 lemon

Preparation :

All ingredients mixed together make very good antioxidant. Allow them to stand for 24 hours and then are consumed every morning, one tablespoon on an empty stomach.

We wish you great health.

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