How To Protect Yourself Against Alzheimer’s With Just One Cheap Ingredient


„There is no cure for Alzheimer’s, nor there is a treatment“-is what most doctors claim. But Dr Mary Newport strongly disagrees with this claim. Her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at age of 51, she start to research why it occurs and how can be prevented this disease.

The old traditional medication only contributed to progress the disease rapidly. He even couldn’t tie his shoes anymore. This situation drove her to despair, so she decided to try something that could possibly help her husband to recover.How to protect yourself against Alzheimer’s

Coconut oil

She started to treat him with coconut oil-four teaspoons a day and the results were visible immediately. He could move quickly and easily again, to read and have conversation, and even tie his shoes again. But Mary as doctor is aware that this is not enough to cure the Alzheimer’s disease, so she made more researches of how to protect yourself against Alzheimer’s, but she requested for more funds so she can investigate this treatment deeply.

After she got the approval for this, she studied 65 individuals who were in their initial phase of Alzheimer’s. She studied the coconut oil effect on the ability of those who suffer from Alzheimer’s to see whether their function is on higher level. According some studies was found that low carb and fat diets affect your brain function. Therefore, you should add coconut oil in your diet, if you want to function normally.

Molecules, so called ketones, found in Coconut oil gives energy to the brain when it lacks of glucose. Dr. Newport beliefs that the coconut oil is what helped her husband to recover. She replaced the use of glucose and fats with adding ketones to restore the energy.

We are looking forward for results of this exciting research. Coconut oil is definitely considered as super food, mostly for those who are in their initial phase of this disease. But if you and your family are allergic to coconuts, then you probably shouldn’t add in your diet.

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