How To Put Coconut Oil In Your Hair To Stop It From Going Gray, Thinning Or Falling Out

How to put coconut oil in your hair to stop it from going gray, thinning or falling out

Coconut oil is undoubtedly the most popular oil and offers a wide variety of uses and benefits. When it comes to improving our health and well-being, this miraculous oil has long and respected history of usage in areas like the Indian Subcontinent, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, Philippines, and parts of the Caribbean.How to put coconut oil in your hair to stop it from going gray, thinning or falling out

What makes this oil so special is its rich content of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals which are very helpful for the human body. Millions of people use it because it provides numerous health benefits and healing properties and due to its rich nutritional profile.

Coconut oil finds its greatest application in conditioning hair and there are many ways to use it.

Lush, shiny, smooth and silky and most importantly, a healthy hair, is every woman’s desire. And you can have it if you start using coconut oil now.

Instead of using expensive commercial conditioners, shine and styling products, you can try using an all-natural solution. Coconut oil is well-known by its anti-microbial properties and its rich content of lauric acid and medium-chain acids that can be of a great help for strengthening hair, conditioning the scalp and for re-growing hair.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

  • Hair loss: Indian people have been using coconut oil since ancient times for grooming hair and to prevent hair loss.  

We offer you three powerful remedies for healthy hair and to prevent hair loss:

  • Boil sage leaves in coconut oil and apply this mixture on your scalp.
  • You can also apply a mixture of lime water and coconut oil on your scalp or
  • You can boil gooseberries in coconut oil and apply it on your hair.

1. Hair damage: Coconut oil works wonders on damage and undamaged hair since it reduces protein loss and easily penetrates in the hair shaft. These effects, coconut oil, owes to its rich content of lauric acid and its low molecular weight.  You can use it for pre-wash or post-wash hair grooming.

2. Cooling properties: Coconut oil is strongly recommended for people with hot heads and those who suffer from scalp sweating, due to its cooling properties.

3. Moisture retention: Coconut oil has proven as extremely effective in preventing breakage of hair and keeping it moist and soft due to its stability and its high moisture capacity.

4. Hair conditioning: What makes coconut oil the best hair conditioner is its chemical-free content, which is not the case with all those commercial hair products. Apply small amount of warm coconut oil on your hair in the evening and wash your hair the next morning to keep your hair shimmer and soft.

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