Headache can reveal what is wrong with your health 

Some of the reasons that people experience headaches are: tiredness, lack of sleep or insufficient intake of water during the day. Unfortunately, headaches can be one of the main reasons why people miss days at work or school, or visit a doctor.  Sometimes eating a banana or drinking some water can help, but with certain headaches, this trick won’t trick. There are hundreds of different types of headaches, and millions of Americans are misdiagnosed when they ask medical help when experience headaches. Scientists are still figuring out what causes many types of headaches and how to treat them.

Namely, a headache can occur due to dehydration or fatigue, but a headache can also reveal what is wrong with your health.

According to well-known neurologist, Dr.  Dr. Sakib Qureshi MD, this can be as a result of the various cerebral pain, which may frequently be shown by “red light cautioning signals”. Therefore, being able to recognize normal migraines and the ones indicating of health issues, is of a great importance.

Nevertheless, instead of taking a pill right after experiencing cerebral pain, you should first check on the off chance that indicates on a another wellbeing issue.

There are four recognizing sorts of cerebral pains and every of them reveal what is wrong with your health. By recognizing the signs, you will be able to figure out how to treat them adequately.


As a result of a  sinus irritation, you may experience a sinus migraine causing extreme torment. The sinus headache occurs due to an allergic reaction, a tumor or an infection and it can cause pain behind the cheeks, nose and eyes and you will feel worse when bending forward or when waking up.

Treatment: Try to drink as much liquid as you can in order to hydrate your body. Warm water helps open your sinuses and reduce inflammation. Consider eating a few oranges or other vitamin C-rich foods, or drinking a lemon green tea, as they are essential for fighting infections.

You can also try applying a hot and frosty packs, lessen the agony by eating a warm soup, or a crisp ginger, as it contains strong anti-inflammatory and pain killing properties.


This is the most widely recognized migraine type, and the person experience a  steady agony or weight around the head, especially in the back of the head and the neck, or at the sanctuaries.

Additionally, it can also cause transmitting torment underneath or over the eye zone. It might regularly prompt spewing or queasiness. It happens due to an anxiety, which causes the constriction of the muscles of the scalp and neck.

Treatment: A combination of a ginger tea and peppermint oil will help you relieve the torment effectively. Adding a peppermint oil to the hairline will cause a cooling sensation that will unwind the head and neck muscles.


This migraine may show up more than one eye, and it generally affects ladies. This migraine constantly repeats, and may occur in a cycle or in a gathering. It can occur suddenly and causes  an unbearable torment on one head side. In this situation you are likely to experience a nasal blockage, a blustery nose or a watery eye. It can happen when a certain nerve pathway is initiated in the cerebrum’s base.

Treatment: A little measure of  Capsaicin cream  connected to the nostril will block the nerve torment signals.


Generally, headaches happen between the ages of 25 and 55, yet they can be experienced paying little attention  to the age. About 38 million of individuals in America encouter the ill effects of headaches.

This cerebral pain type includes different neurological indications and therefore it is  significantly more confounded than a common migraine. Headaches are expressed by an exceptional, serious, disturbing agony on one head side. In 33% of the headache assaults, this torment occurs on both sides of the head.

Apart from the agony, one can experience different indications like sickness, retching, visual unsettling influences, unsteadiness, great affectability to light, notice, sound, touch, and additionally deadness or shivering in the face.

Treatment: The utilization of vitamin B12 (riboflavin), magnesium and omega-3 unsaturated fats, has proven as extremely beneficial in relieving this type of headache.

Including  proper amounts of them into your eating regime  to prevent headaches. Furthermore, according to a study conducted in 2011, oxygen consuming activity can be more effective than pills when it comes to forestalling these cerebral pains.
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