If You Drink Lemon Water In The Morning, Add Pineapple To It. This Is The Most Important Reason Why

9. Treats Infections of the Respiratory Tract 

Lemon  and pineapple provide strong anti-inflammatory properties, which are essential in the fight against infections, sore throats, and inflammation of the tonsils.

10. Regulates Bowel Movement 

Combination of lemon juice and pineapple juice is extremely beneficial in regulating bowel movement.

11. Boosts Metabolism 

Lemon and pineapple are the best metabolism-boosters. Lemons’ rich antioxidant content is essential in preventing  free radical damage and improving immune system.

12. Boosts the Function of the Nervous System 

Lemons provide the nervous system with sufficient amount of potassium, in order  to ensure signals to the heart and lack of this mineral which is linked to anxiety and depression.

13. Cleanses the Blood 

Adding pineapple to the lemon water can help you to  cleanse the blood vessels, arteries, and the blood in general.

14. Lowers Blood Pressure 

Regular consumption of lemon water and pineapple juice is crucial for reducing blood pressure naturally. Moreover,this combination has proven to lower blood pressure by 10 percent.

15. Alkalizes the Body 

As we already mentioned in the very beginning, the acid-alkaline balance is of a great importance for the body to fight off diseases, this combination is extremely effective in accelerating the process of stabilizing the alkaline levels in the body.

16. Rejuvenates the Skin 

Lemon and water are strongly recommended when it comes to improving skin quality. Thanks to the  rich vitamin C content  C found in lemons, the regular consumption helps rejuvenate the skin and significantly improving its quality.

17. Dilutes Uric Acid 

It dilutes uric acid, which is responsible for gout and joint pain.

18. Beneficial for Pregnant Women 

This combination is extremely helpful for pregnant women due to the richness in vitamin C of the lemon, essential for the formation of the bone tissue of the baby, and the potassium content, essential for the nervous system and the brain. Moreover, this vitamin help pregnant women to cope with diseases and viruses like colds and flus.

19. Relieves Heartburn 

Mixing  a teaspoon of lemon juice with half a glass of water will help you relieve heartburn very fast.

20. Dissolves Kidney Stones 

It dissolves kidney stones, pancreatic stones, calcium deposits, and gallstones.
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