Important: Stop Reheating These 7 Foods, They Can Cause Food Poisoning

Stop reheating these 7 foods 

If you are among those people who reheat the prepared food, you should know that there are certain foods lose their nutritional value after reheating.  This can lead to serious health problems, so it is essential for you to stop reheating these 7 foods.

1. Spinach 

What happens when spinach is heated, stored and then reheated again? Nitrates in spinach turn into nitrites which are known as cancer-causing agents. Therefore, experts suggest consuming spinach immediately after preparing.Stop reheating these 7 foods

 2. Celery  

Celery is one of the seven foods that you stop reheat from the same reason as spinach. This vegetable is often used in soups, but if you need to reheat the soup, then don’t use celery. Always eat or celery or carrots fresh.

3. Beets  

The beets are also rich in nitrates that are beneficial for the body, just like spinach and celery, but they are also carcinogenic. Therefore, you should stop reheat this vegetable.

4. Potatoes 

Potatoes are recommended to eat due to their nutritional and healing qualities essential for our overall health, but if you reheat and then consume it after 24h of preparation, they will lose their nutritional value and can become toxic.

5. Eggs 

Eggs are rich in proteins and nutrients which make them good for your health. But, when reheated they become toxic which can be harmful for your digestive system.

6. Chicken 

Chicken are also rich source of proteins, but if you reheat the chicken after the day of preparation, it may cause disorders in your digestive system. Therefore, it is even better and healthier option to eat it cold.  But if cannot eat cold chicken, reheat the chicken on a low temperature and for longer period.

7. Mushrooms

Consume mushrooms right after you prepare them. Eating them the following day it may not affect your health negatively, but reheating them may cause similar digestive problems, just like the chicken.

For your own health protection and for your family as well, from dangerous health diseases such as food poisoning, you should stop reheating these 7 foods.
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