It Is Prepared Within 5 Minutes, Drink it For 5 Days, And You Will Lose 5 Kilograms!

Obesity is a disorder that includes excessive body fat storage and increase the risk of many health problems such as: diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, disorders of bile function, gout and etc.

If you are among those people who suffer from excess weight and you want to reduce it, read this article below to find out how to lose 5 kilograms with a simple drink.

lose 5 kilograms


  •  1 lemon
  •  60 gr. of parsley
  •  3dl of water

Method of preparation:

First, squeeze the lemon to obtain a juice and then chop the parsley into small pieces. After you put the ingredients into a bowl, pour the water over them.

How to consume:

It is recommended to consume this drink on an empty stomach within 5 days. Then, make a break of 10 days. Repeat the whole procedure, if it is necessary.

Why is this drink so efficient?

This drink not only speeds up the fat burning process, but it also provides your body with vitamins and minerals.

Parsley enhances the digestion process and helps the organism to eliminate the excess fluids and the flatulence as well.

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