Keep Yourself Away From This Oil: It’s More Dangerous Than Sugar!

Keep yourself away from this oil

Generally people consider soybean oil as healthy and beneficial alternative to most foods, but unfortunately there is dark truth behind this oil. You should keep yourself away from this oil because is more dangerous than sugar and can do more harm than benefit.  Keep yourself away from this oil

Soybean oil and all soy products derive from soybeans, but what most manufacturers are forgetting to mention is that soybean is a toxic in nature. It takes large treatment so that this oil becomes edible.

Those who consume soy in high amounts are very likely their body to generate more steroid hormones and they also put themselves in risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. This oil can lead to early puberty in girls and delayed physical maturation in boys.

Also, a well-known fact is that there are GMO soybean products in large amounts on the markets all over the world, which makes it impossible to avoid them completely.

Using soy milk as a substation for the mother’s milk is utterly absurd and ridiculous, so mothers who believe in that should know that they are wrong. Mothers are not allowed to give soy milk to their babies.

Still, the soy industry and the soy producers will never admit what these facts.
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