Kill Cancer Cells In Less Than An Hour!!! Here Is How!!!

Olive oil is considered as a precious gift from the nature and except for healthy cooking it also can be used for various applications. We are all familiar with the healthy benefits that olive oil has, but what have researchers found out it will surprise you positively.

Oleocanthal, a compound found in extra-virgin oil, has been shown to kill cancer cells in less than 1 hour. This research, published in the journal “Molecular and Cellular Oncology“, was conducted in order to increase the public awareness about effect of the nutrition in preventing cancer.  The results were amazing.

kill cancer

Despite fact that this olive oil compound effectively destroys cancer cells without side effects on the health ones, also has the effect on:

  • osteoporosis
  • tumor growth
  • inflammation
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • diseases related with age

There are numerous, but not yet discovered health benefits that you can gain by using olive oil. Scientists discovered that cancer cells were dying for less than hour after applying oleocanthal on the cancer cells, but they also discovered that this occurs when the waste of the cancer cells are punctured by the compound and released.

The research also proves that improving the overall health means eating locally, alkalizing cells, positive thinking, relaxation, right dietary choices and plant-based and holistic choices. So, from this point of view we can conclude that instead of buying chemically produced medicines, which is a waste of time, we can buy high-quality organic brand of olive oil and gain all its amazing benefits.

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