Mangoes Destroy Cancer, Blast Fat, Reduce Cholesterol, And More


Being abundant in enzymes and fiber, mango promotes proper digestion. According to a study done mango has proven to significantly improve digestion, “Compared to the consumption of fiber, the consumption of mango in the treatment of chronic constipation had a higher subject adherence, improved parameters of intestinal evacuation, reduced the production of endotoxins, reduced inflammation, and increased the concentration of short chain fatty acids, all of which have been established to contribute to intestinal health and wellness.”


We all know that low pH balance can cause muscle impairment, osteoporosis, and kidney disease.Thereofre, nutritionists strongly recommend regular consumption of mango as a  highly alkaline food which has the ability to balance the internal acid levels.

Its antioxidants provide strong antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties, while fisetin, is the essential phytochemicals found in mango that promotes brain health.


Mangoes are abundant with powerful cancer-fighting antioxidants, such as methylgallat, quercetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin, fisetin,  andgallic acid. According to the results of the conducted study at Texas A&M University,  it has been proven that cell-killing effects of mango polyphenols are specific to cancer cells, where inflammation was reduced in both cancer and non-cancer cells, apparently through the involvement of miRNA-21 — short microRNA molecules linked to cancer…The tumor-fighting potential of mango polyphenolics partially may be based on those same properties which reduced cancer cell proliferation and reduce inflammation that may be involved in carcinogenesis.”


Mango has the same effects as pharmaceuticals in the treatment of metabolic processes and prevention of  the fat mass increasment and it also reduces LDL cholesterol at the same time.

Given the fact that mango is rich in phytochemicals and low on glycemic index , it shouldn’t come as a surprise that mango is efficient in regulating the blood sugar and  boosting the  pancreas function.

According to the results of the  4-week study, the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients were the same as those of non-diabetics when mango was added to their diets.


You cannot purchase the mango leaves at the supermarket, since their high levels of urushoil can cause skin irritation.

However, the leaves have been widely used for treating liver disorders, diarrhea, snakebite, asthma, anemia, insomnia, etc.

The presence of the most powerful antioxidant, mangiferin is the most abundant antioxidant in is essential  for regulating the  healthy cell activity.

Note: if you aren’t a fan of the mango fruit , you can try including mango kernel flour in their diet, a flour which can be used in all baked goods.
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