Miracle Of The Chinese Medicine, Massages This Point Every Day And See What Happens In Your Body

Miracle of the Chinese Medicine

Women have always been more sensitive than men. The reasons for this are: stress, bad food, no sleep the
appropriate hours, chronic fatigue and many others.

There are thousands of methods that women use to appear physically more attractive, but what I am about to reveal now is the miracle of Chinese medicine, i.e. the secret of the point San Yin Jiao. This point is important in the area of acupuncture.

You need to locate the point in your legs- it is in the inner part of the tibia of both legs.

How to find the point SAN YIN JIAO

To begin the massage put four fingers from the bone of the ankle in the inner part of the legs and point is on the index finger. It is very easy.

Miracle of the Chinese Medicine

What is good about this massage is that you can do it in any place and any time of the day, but is preferable to do at night. It will take only 10 minutes.

You can give massage on both legs and also to hit the point in order to provide vitality of your body.

Studies have shown that this massage has great effectiveness in persistence and perseverance.

Benefits to carry out this massage 

Regulates the menstrual cycle

This method has shown as very helpful in alleviating menstrual cramps and regulation of their menstrual cycle.

Elasticity of the skin

This massage will keep your skin vigor and elastic.

Improves sexual desire 

If a woman suffers from hormonal problems, this massage will restore its sensuality and improve sexual desire.

Activates the ovaries and the uterus

The massage promotes the function of uterus and stimulates the ovaries and thus helps women to get pregnant.

Stabilizes the gastrointestinal tract

This massage regulates uncomfortable sensations similar to those produced by menstruation and treats disorders in the gastrointestinal tract.
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