Never Drink the Water from Your Nightstand- Here is the Reason

Never drink the water from your nightstand

Many people wake up during the night because they are feeling thirsty and therefore have a habit to leave a glass on their nightstand before bedtime. But the water that has stood overnight has strange taste and changes its composition. This is why you should never drink the water from you nightstand.Never drink the water from your nightstand

Water doesn’t contain sugars or proteins which can be easily polluted and targeted by microbes. Therefore, we cannot blame the microbes for changing the taste of the water.  One of the major reasons why you should never drink water from your nightstand is because such water is more prone to dust and numerous air-borne bacteria.

Water that is exposed to air is very likely to change its chemical structure meaning it absorbs carbon dioxide and small part converts into carbonic acid. So, when carbon releases one or two protons, carbon acid is easily converted into carbonate or bicarbonate. This contributes to changing the water pH and thus changing the water taste.

Even though, drinking the water from you nightstand doesn’t pose any potential health hazard, still fresh water is always a better choice to satisfy your thirst.
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