Homemade Black Lemonade Recipe

New drink spreading on social networks, it’s called-black lemonade: Dull blend, regularly called “dark lemonade“.

Black lemonade is gaining a popularity in the US, especially in the specialized nutrition and wellness stores. It is called “Black Lemonade“ because of the small dose of activated charcoal it contains, which gives the black color.

Black lemonade is designed for people who want to start the detoxification process. This drink is the best body-cleanser since it can eliminate unhealthy toxins and helps in returning to a natural state of energy and well-being.

Activated charcoal is used to treat diarrhea and problems with intestinal bacteria. Patients in hospitals are given charcoal for poisoning and drug overdose. Combined with lemonade, it is now consumed by many yoga teachers, gym instructors and all who are interested in improving the metabolism detoxifying the body.

The Homemade Black Lemonade Recipe requires using activated charcoal tablets that can be found in drug stores.

Add the juice of 2 lemons, 1 teaspoon activated charcoal and a pinch of salt. Mix everything and serve or store in the fridge for up to 5 days.

The best way to consumed this black lemonade is on an empty stomach, at least 2 hours before or after a meal.

Don’t panic if your feces are black, it’s completely normal.

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