No More Sinuses !

No more sinuses 

Nasal obstruction refers to blockages of nasal passages and occurs when membranes lining in the nose becomes swollen from inflamed blood vessels. Most common causes of nasal obstruction are cold, flu and sinus infection.No more sinuses

My son used to wake up in the morning with stuffy nose and difficult breathing. I did some research on Internet to find out how to solve this problem naturally. It turns out that actually there are plenty of natural home remedies you can prepare yourself and have no more sinuses. I started preparing special drink to my son and the sinus problem disappears completely. I strongly recommend this drink and can assure you that you will have no more sinuses.

Here is the recipe for one portion: 

  • Two carrots
  • Two oranges
  • One green apple
  • A small piece of ginger

It is also important for you to know that this amazing and delicious drink not only solves your sinus problems, but also improves your vision. This drink can provide you positive results works only if you drink it regularly and reduce your intake of animal meat foods, processed and refined foods, dairy, sugar and flour products and tobacco.

In case your sinusitis is persistent and last more than more than 8 weeks you can try:

  • supplementing garlic oil capsules
  • probiotics
  • glass of water with small amount of Celtic sea salt before bedtime.

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