Perfect Fruit Salad for Energy Boost

Perfect Fruit Salad for Energy Boost

Eating a lot of fruit is recommended by all doctors and nutritionists. Fruits are loaded with vitamins and minerals that our body needs to function properly. Moreover, combining these fruits is even better. Since everyone needs a little bit of versatility in their life from time to time you can spice things up by opting to make fruit salads instead of fruit juices or smoothies. You can make delicious fruit salad easily. Read on to find out how.

Health benefits of fruit salad

If you aren’t used to making mixed fruit salads then you should definitely start. The benefit of making fruit salad is in its synergy. Vitamins and nutrients that your body gets from various fruits in fruit salad work together to prevent various diseases and boost your immunity and energy levels. Variety of fruits is more beneficial for you than eating just one type of fruit.

Also, you are aware that fruits are rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals, flush toxins from your body, and make sure they don’t cause damage to our health. Well, antioxidants from different fruits collaborate on providing the optimal protection. Moreover, antioxidants from one fruit type work better when they are accompanied with antioxidants from different fruits. This is why researchers recommend eating 5 to 10 servings of different fruits a day. Fruit salads are ideal way of getting much-needed nutrients and vitamins from variety of fruits. The balance and harmony you see in your bowl along with combination of different colors is parallel to balance and harmony in healthy components each fruit possesses.

Fruit Salad for Energy

Ground rules for perfect fruit salad

Here are several tips you should bear in mind when making your perfect fruit salad:

  • Marinade – for this, you should choose juicy fruits like citrus fruits or watermelon. Their juices make nice marinades that will fit in perfectly with other fruits in the salad.
  • Bite-size pieces – regardless of what fruits you choose to include into your fruit salad, always cut them into bite-size pieces. Ideally, fruit salad should include fruits of different flavors and textures. For example, peach, green and red grape, pear and berries etc.
  • Freshness – making fruit salad of fresh fruits is always recommended. However, once you slice fruits they can’t retain their freshness for too long. Therefore, before you combine them in the bowl wash the fruits and add grapefruit seed extract to the mixture in order to achieve natural freshness.
  • Colors – the ideal fruit salad has to include fruits of different colors and flavors. It should look like you have a rainbow in the bowl. Colors are also good for your health as different colors indicate the presence of different nutrients that can only benefit you.

TIP: you can even add edible flowers into your fruit salad.

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