Plastic Rice Is Spreading Across The Earth- Be Careful! (VIDEO)

Plastic rice is spreading across the earth 

Concern about public health were raised these days, after one country in Asia started an investigation and found out that plastic rice is spreading across the earth. Although the medium and social networks start to demonstrate the truth, but not everybody wants to see it. Therefore, please be careful what you buy!

The plastic rice firstly is found in China, then in Vietnam and India. Nowadays, it can be found in Indonesia and Europe, while people in the USA are still waiting to come.  Customers discovered that certain brands are utilizing plastic rice. At this point, you should know that plastic rice can cause gastritis.  People can’t recognize it because it is the same like a real rice, even it is mixed with the real.

We strongly recommend avoiding rice consumption these days, due to the fact that this rice has shown to cause damage to the digestive system. Some newspapers wrote that plastic rice is produced of potatoes and synthetic resin, while another wrote that it contains certain chemicals. It is quite shocking fact that this rice is sold also in markets as they don’t know the truth.

However,  this rice cannot be found in large markets in some countries like Malaysia due to the major control that is implemented there, but it can be found in numerous little markets where individuals purchase what they need, and this is a major problem.

People ask how to avoid buying the fake rice?

It is important to know that you cannot avoid buying the fake rice, but you can avoid consuming it. When you bring the rice to boil, the fake rice keeps its primary form. Real rice changes! Another option you can try it is to burn one hand of rice and if it is fake, it will immediately starts to smell as plastic.
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