Powerful Syrup for Cleaning Sand and Stones from the Kidneys

Cleaning sand and stones from the kidneys

All the kidney stones sufferers experience an unpleasing pain followed by this health condition, especially if the stone is trapped in the urethra canal.

Even the stones may be in the bladder, however they must go out. Men have longer urinary canals than women, which make this process more difficult and often called as“male giving birth“by some health care workers.

What exactly is a kidney stone?

Kidney stones are mineral deposits formed in the kidney, typically consisting of insoluble calcium compounds such as calcium oxalate. Mineral sedimentation is the main cause of kidney stones formation, such as pebbles. The stones can remain in the kidneys for longer period and the person may experience no symptoms. But if the stone move to the urethra, then the person is likely to experience extreme pain in his back and hips, and also it may notice blood traces in the urine.Cleaning sand and stones from the kidneys

In such situation, doctors usually recommend consumption of large amounts of liquid and analgesics in order to remove the stone through urination and thus reduce the pain. In cases where stones are too big, a surgery is required.

Gladly we introduce you very efficient cure that help in cleaning sand and stones from kidneys.

Needed ingredients: 

  • 1 cup maple syrup
  • 250 grams of parsley root
  • 250 grams of raw organic honey
  • 250 grams of raw pressed olive oil
  • 250 grams of lemon (with peel)

Way of preparation:

  • Wash the lemons thoroughly and cut them into small pieces but don’t remove the peel and add them in the blender.
  • Clean and cut the parsley roots and add them in the blender together with the lemon.
  • Add one cu of maple syrup, olive oil and honey.
  • Mix them together until you get a homogenous mixture.
  • Store the mixture in airtight container in the fridge.

Way of consumption:

The recommended dosage of consuming this drink is 1 tbsp. every morning on an empty stomach and make sure you drink a lot of fluids during the day.

Lemons and parsley have shown as very efficient and helpful in kidney stones treatment since they can increase the acidity of urine and dissolve kidney stones. This mixture will definitely help you in the process of cleaning sand and stones from the kidneys and moreover it doesn’t contain any unpleasant effects.
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