Proper Exercise Against Diseases

Proper exercise against diseases


Movement is the most efficient and most effective stimulant for the proper development and normal functioning of the body. Despite this, most people are not moving enough. Here’s another professional appeal …
Special program of exercise dose study No1, was applied as a natural remedy to over a hundred patients with more severe problems, with outstanding results. This is the best evidence for the importance of exercise and healing effects of motion in terms of stimulation and revitalization of the body, or the repair and improvement of human health. Patients suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis, those who have a stroke, multiple trauma, sports injuries, or survived a viral infection accelerate their recovery and significantly improve health.

Proper exercise against diseases

Movement as medicine

The effect of exercise on the body is very complex. There is a special exercise to stimulate the secretion of hormones and enzymes, or special exercise for the joints, which would have an effect on the muscles. The organism is an organized system that operates according to natural laws, and the movement is here to encourage magnificent microcosmos cells to function in the best way. Because immobility kills. Because our modern lifestyle that is characterized by a lot of sitting and little movement leads to disease. And that’s why, three years ago, the World Health Organization declared hypokinesia or immobility of a risk factor number one when it comes to human health, marking it as more dangerous than alcohol, tobacco and obesity.

Twenty-year old men

Today happens to young men in a worse condition and endure any physical exercise than men middle age, and even older than 55 or 60 years. Location of the phenomenon? Hence it was in primary school, and in some places in nurseries, children meet with a bad habit of sitting long burdened by extensive curricula for hours playing computer games or watching TV, rather than daily spend a few hours in the game, or organized physical activity, so important for their proper growth and development. Hence in childhood deformities occur because the child does not have the necessary motor skills to develop properly, and with 20 years instead of the sport, young people come to us because of the pain, curvature of the spine and often – lack of power!