The most powerful cancer killer 

In this article we will present you with the largest fruit that grows on a tree reaching a weight up to 100lbs, known as jackfruit, covered with a bumpy, hard green skin, with a pale-colored flesh on the inside. This fruit has become widely popular as a meat replacement, especially among vegans, thanks to its texture, versatile and vitamin content. A quite interesting fact related to this amazing and super healthy fruit is that it’s the national fruit of Bangladesh, but it thrives in tropical climates.

Namely, the most important fact related to the jackfruit is that apart from providing numerous health benefits, according to scientists, it’s also the most powerful cancer killer.

Jackfruit is well-known by its richness in potassium, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and magnesium. Plus, it is packed with high amount of calcium, vitamin A, iron and some protein. A single cup of jackfruit offers 25% of your daily B6 requirements.

In 2013, according to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the number of people who developed colorectal cancer in one year has reached 1.17 million. This complicated type of cancer is quite difficult to treat and often can cause other health complications as well.

But, we should be eternally thankful to Mother Nature that has provided us a way to fight and prevent colon cancer.  However, according to a recent research, jackfruit is considered as highly beneficial and effective in colon cancer treatment and prevention.

Colon cancer prevention

As we already mention, jackfruit provides numerous medicinal properties when it comes to colon cancer prevention and treatment. These properties, jackfruit owes to the powerful compounds it contains, such as: with isoflavones, phytonutrients, lignans and saponins, all of which provide strong anti-cancer properties.

All these nutrients have the ability to prevent the free radical formation, responsible for cancer development, as well as for many other chronic diseases.


The phytonutrients are powerful antioxidants that can prevent cancer cell formation. They are also extremely helpful in treating stomach ulcers.  A quite interesting fact is that they can only be found in plant-based foods. According to research, there are more than 10, 000 types of nutrients, providing their own specific health benefit for the body.  However, researchers claim that more conducting studies are needed to confirm why the 3 phytonutrients contained in jackfruit help to fight and prevent cancer.


A study published in the Journal of Nutrition 1995 showed that saponins are potent anti-colon cancer agents due to their powerful anti-cancer properties.

According to another study, these phytonutrients can induce mitotic arrest in the case of leukemia cells. The study also found that they have the ability to prevent further cancer by binding to the cancer cells.

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