How To Stop A Migraine Instantly With Salt

How to stop a Migraine Instantly with salt

A migraine is a chronic disease manifested with chronic headaches with strong intensity and pulsating pain often on one side of the head. Some studies showed that nearly 20 % of the population suffers from migraine and they are willingly to do anything to prevent this problem.

The good news is that the migraine can be defeated by using of pain killers medications and the better news is that the solution for painful migraines is simple and cheap and is called-salt!

stop a migraine

How to stop a Migraine Instantly with Salt?

For this process you will need a high quality salt such as the Himalayan crystal salt and fortunately you can find it in every health food store. It is considered as the “most complete“salt because contains 84 minerals. Except that it is useful in the fight against migraine, also helps in: strengthening the immune system, increasing body energy level, regulating the secretion of serotonin, alkalize body and compensate for the lack of electrolytes.


  • one lemon
  • lukewarm water
  • Himalayan salt

The method of preparation is very simple:

Squeeze the lemon in the glass of lukewarm water and add tsp of Himalayan salt!

Drink this beverage every time the first symptoms of migraine starts showing

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