Studies Have Shown That Fake Honey Is Everywhere – Here Are 10 Tricks To Tell You If Your Honey Is Truly Natural

Tricks to tell you if your honey is truly natural

Detailed and expert analysis can help you find out whether the honey you have bought is completely natural. For that reason we provided 10 tricks to tell if your honey is truly natural.

1. Read the contents 

When choosing good honey it is of a great importance to find the right ingredients, which must be assigned by the producer, as well as their percentage by a certain amount.Tricks to tell you if your honey is truly natural

2. Natural honey is not sticky 

Rub a small amount of honey between your fingers: If the honey is truly natural it will easily absorb into the skin, if the honey contains sugar or artificial sweeteners it will get sticky while rubbing

3. Caramelizing 

Heat 2-3 tablespoons of honey in microwave on high temperature. The natural honey quickly gets caramelized, while the fake one foamy and full of bubbles.

4. Paper 

Pour few drops of honey on paper. The real honey doesn’t break down the paper since it contains no water as the fake one.

5. The trick with bees 

Bees build hives in the tress and put honey in them in order to protect from other insects including ants. So, if you put honey near ants, you will notice that ants will not touch the natural honey.

6. Water with honey 

Put 1 teaspoon of honey in a glass filled with water. The truly natural honey will coagulate and fall to the bottom, while the fake honey will begin to melt.

7. Tingling in the mouth 

Fake honey cannot achieve the effect of tingling in the mouth right before swallowing it, as the real hone can.

8. Honey on bread 

Put small amount of honey on a piece of bread. The truly natural honey will harden the bread, while the fake honey will only wet the bread since it contains water.

9. Egg yolks 

Mix one egg yolk with little honey. If the yolk looks like cooked, it means that the honey is truly natural.

10. Crystallization 

The truly natural honey after long period of time crystallizes, while the fake one stays as smooth as syrup.
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