The Cure For Cancer Was Found 65 Years Ago!

The cure for cancer was found 

The cure for cancer was found- Apricot kernels are the new miracle cure for killing cancer without side effects.

Patients diagnosed with cancer can be fully cured by increasing the intake of B17 since it reduces the risk of developing cancer.The cure for cancer was found

The essential ingredient known as Laetrile or Vitamin B17 was tested in spontaneously occurring animal tumors showing promising results.

According to Dr. Ernst Theodore Krebs, Jr. (May 17, 1911 – September 8, 1996), a dedicated scientist, highlights the importance of the organic ways of treating cancer presenting the idea of increasing the intake of B17 as a potential cure for cancer.

Modern people are more likely to suffer from cancer, unlike the primitive cultures in the past. Doctor Krebs adds that the ancient tribes as the healthiest tribes because they have completely different diet.

For example, Hunza people consume even 250 to 300 mg of vitamin B17 on daily basis, while unlike average Europeans or Americans who consume about 2 mg of this vitamin on daily basis, through industrially processed food.

You shouldn’t wonder why the people from Hunza valley have never reported a cancer case, since they increased their intake of vitamin B17 by consuming apricot kernels regularly.

According to Dr. Krebs, these sweet fruits called Apricot kernels are extremely effective not only for reducing the cancer from further spreading, but also for curing it completely.

He also claims that the most common risk factors causing cancer are improper vitamin and mineral intake in the organism.

Now when you know the surprising truth that the cure for cancer was found, start immediately with consuming apricot kernels since vitamin B17 is the main component of these fruits.

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