The Man Who Shocked The World: Cancer Can Be Cured In 3 Minutes All You Need To Do Is…

The man who shocked the world: Cancer can be cured in 3 minutes

The revolutionary theory was presented by Greg Braden, the famous American author, known around for his theories for cancer treatment.

Namely, he claims that there is a strong correlation between our emotions and DNA, such as the power of our thoughts, prayers and suggestions which can help in curing all types of physical diseases.

Cancer cells

The intent awareness on the synergy between the manifestations and our thoughts have the power to prevent cancer and its effects, and there is a field that unites everything. This field, he names is scientifically proven in the leading journal Nature No. 332 in 1996.

Control over emotions and thoughts 

Both our emotions and thoughts create electromagnetic fields, while their  waves can reach up to one meter in our bodies. According to Nikola Tesla, people in the future will be able to use the power of their thoughts to create electric power, which means that our  thoughts can be a very powerful electromagnetic  energy source.

Focused thoughts or collective thoughts can create an extremely powerful electromagnetic field that will have a huge impact on the environment.

Once this technique is established, it will no longer be considered as fiction, but a serious technology presenting the basis for the treatment.

There is a video recorded in a Chinese hospital that proves that cancer with a size of 3×2.5 centimeters can be eliminated in just 3 minutes. The whole process is followed on an ultrasound.

Taking control over your feelings and emotions, as well as enhancing them with practice can help producing strong electromagnetic radiation.

Feelings can change the DNA

Your thoughts and emotions have a huge influence on your life, as well as to those who surround you.

For example, if you say: “Someday I will be happy, or I will be cured or find a new job etc.…” the mirror will tell us whether these things are going to come true.

Scientists claim that there is no correlation between our emotions and faith and our lives, especially when it comes to disease treatment, but psycho-oncology claim the contrary.

Actually, our emotions, thoughts, faith and feelings have great power to control our lives and influence of the course of events.

Don’t forget that feelings can change the DNA!

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