This Drink Melts Fat “Like Crazy”

You may not like the ingredients, but the effect of this drink is guaranteed !
As mentioned in the title of this amazing drink you might not like but this, but it is proved to be a medicinal drink that many who has tested it so far have the body line that they always wanted.
Once you see the ingredients on how to make this drink for weight loss we will try to explain why it works so well(or why this drink melts fat).


■ One teaspoon of apple juice
■ One teaspoon minced hot pepper
■ Juice and rind of one lemon

lemon drink fat


Grind the lemon peel and pour it over with 240 ml of hot water. After 10 minutes, add lemon juice, apple juice and pepper. Stir before each use and drink it after every meal.
Why this drink is so good ?
Minced pepper helps faster processing of food, accelerates metabolism and stimulate fat burning. In fact, its ingredient, capsaicin, stimulates nervous system to produce heat in the body that stimulates accelerated burning of calories.
Lemon contains the only ingredient that slows down the deposition of fat, and its bark contains policosanol, which only helps burning build-up fat.
Apple juice or consuming it regularly in moderate amounts, helps dissolving fat in your organism.


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