This is What Happens to Your Waistline When You Drink a Glass of Red Wine Before Bed

Red wine before bed

It is commonly known that many people after the dinner have a habit to eat some snacks or sweets. But now I would like to share with you some good reasons why you should replace eating snacks with drinking one glass red wine before bed.

One glass of red wine is a great “ally“in weight loss!!!

After numerous conducted studies it was found that red wine effects positively on weight loss. 20.000 of women were a target group in one study on Harvard University and the conclusion was that women who drank two glasses of red wine before bed were less likely to become fat than others who didn`t.

A further study from the Journal National Biochemistry in order to better understand how red wine may help in weight loss conducted an experiment with mice that were given wine grape extract. It has shown that less liver fat was stored and the blood sugar level was lower.

red wine before bed

Red wine as a snack

Now you can suppress your desire of eating snacks by drinking red wine before bed. It is a great substitute and it has fewer calories than sweets such as ice cream, cake and chips.

Linda Monk claims that after she started drinking red wine before bed lost 6 pounds within three weeks and she recommended to all women to use this strategy.

Red wine health benefits

Red wine is a beverage with variety of health benefits due to its powerful ingredient resveratrol. This powerful antioxidant prevents variety of different cancers, disease such as Alzheimer, cell damage. It’s also good for your heart health, reduces blood pressure, improves athletic performance etc.

Cause for concern

However, it is important to be noted that only the moderate consumption of red wine is the key and by “moderate“means one glass red wine before bed.

Drinking wine too late at night has some disadvantages such as poorer quality sleep and drowsiness in the morning.

But what is most important- Now you can enjoy in a glass of red wine and maintain your body slender line.


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