This Is Why You Should Stop Eating Tilapia Immediately

Why you should stop eating Tilapia 

Tilapia is the third most consumed fish in America that cannot be overcooked, is boneless and skinless and is very popular due to its availability and cheapness.

But before you consume it, there are some facts you should you know about this fish. This fish doesn’t come from the wild, but is artificially produced in fish farms and tilapias don’t eat food of algae and lake plants, but are fed an unhealthy and unnatural GMO soy and corn.

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1. We all know that eating fish due to its health benefits and omega-3 fatty acids found in it, but this is not the case with tilapia. The truth is that tilapia is worse than bacon. The consumption of this very popular fish can lead to increased inflammation and other diseases such as heart problems, asthma and other serious diseases.stop eating Tilapia

2. Tilapia contains pollutants; dangerous ingredients often added with their feed, a feed which is actually given to farm raised fish containing chicken feces. Consuming farmed tilapia increases the cancer risks by 10 times, so this all the more reason why you should stop eating tilapia.

3. A high amount of pesticides and antibiotics can also be found in this fish. Farm owners give the fish antibiotics to prevent diseases and pesticides to prevent sea lice, which can kill wild salmon if it consumes the pesticides by accident.

4. People consume fish due to omega 3 fatty acids, but they don’t know that the omega 3-acids found in farm fish, such as tilapia, are less useful for our body compared with the omega 3 acids found in wild fish. They also have lower protein content. Consuming omega 3 and omega 6 acids in high doses may cause inflammation to the body.

5. Dioxin, a dangerous chemical found in farm fish causes health problems, especially cancer, and cleansing the body from this chemical can be very difficult, given to that it can stay in the body for 11 years.

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